November 20, 2018

County councils are a vital cog in deploying mobile infrastructure

In sponsoring this year’s County Councils Network Annual Conference, Mobile UK outlined how county councils sit in special position to work collaboratively with industry to assist in the roll-out of mobile infrastructure. As pan authority bodies they have a unique influence to lead on the issue of mobile connectivity in some of the most difficult areas to extend and enhance mobile coverage.

Mobile UK recently released its Councils and Connectivity report (see PDF below) which outlines key partnerships between the industry and county councils, including Cambridge, Norfolk and North Yorkshire. In these areas, Mobile UK and the industry is already actively working to break down barriers and to consider new partnerships to look at innovative ways to work with industry to make mobile roll-out easier and more cost-effective.

Commenting on CCN’s Annual Conference, Hamish MacLeod, Director at Mobile UK said:

“I am delighted that Mobile UK could sponsor this year’s County Councils Network Annual Conference. Via our Building Mobile Britain campaign, we are already actively working with County Councils to break down barriers to mobile coverage and build new innovative partnerships to enhance and improve coverage in harder to reach areas. I look forward to building on this great start in partnership with the CCN."

Councils and Connectivity report PDF

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