April 29, 2024

Connected North: Wireless Technology in the North

Last week Mobile UK attended the Connected North annual event in Manchester. This industry event aims to push for better connectivity in the North of the UK, driving economic growth and improving the quality of life in the region.

It was a significant gathering for stakeholders across the connectivity ecosystem, including ISPs, Network Operators, Local Authorities, National Government, Enterprises, Utilities, and more.

Gareth Elliott, Mobile UK’s Director of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, shared his insights at the Connected North event.

As a panellist, he took part in the Economic Impact of Wireless Technology session, which explored growth and development across diverse sectors. With a focus on the importance of connectivity, the session considered the potential economic impact on job creation, industry expansion, and the region’s future competitiveness as an economic powerhouse.

Gareth discussed the multifaceted role of wireless tech in shaping economic resilience, fostering innovation, and bridging the digital divide.

In addition to his panel contribution, Gareth also moderated a session entitled Rural Policy and User Engagement. He was joined by industry leaders including Lucie Smith, Director of Corporate Affairs & Television, Digital Mobile Spectrum; Ben Walker, Senior Programme Officer (Digital), Shropshire Council; and Sinead Gilbert, Head of Marketing, Connect Fibre.

Together, they tackled the pressing issue of rural support. The session centred on the current state of rural connectivity and the pivotal changes needed to ensure that areas outside our major urban centres are not left behind in the digital age.

The Connected North event was more than a conference; it was a clarion call for action and was an opportunity for stakeholders to come together, forge partnerships, and commit to a vision where the UK’s North can thrive underpinned by connectivity and technology.

Take a read of our latest report to find out more about the value of the industry and its potential in supporting the UK economy.

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