April 25, 2022

Connected North: Mobile UK Discusses the Role of Digital Infrastructure in the North of England

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Today, Mobile UK’s Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliot, will be moderating the panel session on Digital Infrastructurefor Industry Innovation at the Connected North 2022 event in Manchester. Launched as a sister event to Connected Britain, Connected North will provide an opportunity for the region’s connectivity leaders to come together and explore the most important regional issues around enabling the North’s connected future. 

Mobile UK will be in great company during this panel session, discussing important digital issues with techUK, TalkTalk, Nokia, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, ITS Technology Group and the Geospatial Commission.

To ensure we are addressing the issues most important to the UK's economic and social prosperity, we will be focusing on key areas such as:

  • What role advanced digital infrastructure will play in driving employment in key northern industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and utilities
  • Explore the potential of digitally-enabled transformation projects to reduce costs and increase efficiency  
  • How digital innovation can deliver net-zero targets across Northern industries moving forward

Don’t miss this exciting session taking place today at 3pm at Manchester Central.

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