November 16, 2018

Business voice important in helping to break down barriers to mobile coverage

Mobile UK speaks to the East of England Chambers of Commerce today at the Eastern Regional Digital Summit to discuss mobile coverage and the importance of the business voice in helping to break down barriers to improving coverage.

As the industry looks forward to 5G and the continued implementation of 4G, barriers to network roll-out still exist, including: local objections to masts, planning restrictions, access to sites, availability of fibre, and a lack of mobile inclusion within strategic local planning. Business leadership and influence is important in helping to prioritise mobile to ensure that mobile infrastructure roll-out is properly prioritised, and the policy and regulatory framework is updated so that it is fit for purpose.

Speaking at the Eastern Regional Digital Summit, Gareth Elliott, Head of Policy and Communications at Mobile UK, said:

“The business voice is hugely important in ensuring that mobile and the roll-out of mobile infrastructure is properly prioritised at a national and local level. If the UK is to maintain its place as a leading digital economy policy and regulation needs urgent reform. Alongside business groups such as the Chambers of Commerce we hope to ensure that necessary changes are implemented.”

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Building Mobile Britain is a campaign created by Mobile UK seeking to work with national and local government, as well as interested industry groups to overcome the challenges we face with expanding the existing mobile networks, while also developing innovative services for customers.

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