January 17, 2024

Big Energy Saving Week 2024: How 5G Will Supercharge Utilities And Energy

Wednesday marked the official launch of Big Energy Saving Week 2024 (January 17th – 21st). This campaign, run in partnership by Energy Saving Trust and Citizens Advice, aims to raise awareness about energy efficiency, reducing energy bills, and more.

In line with the discourse regarding energy use, we want to take this opportunity to share some interesting statistics that demonstrate the impact 5G can have across the energy sector:

  • 5G-enabled technology will impact everything, from renewables and storage-powered grids to multiple connected devices (known as the Internet of Things), helping customers monitor the energy usage of each device.
  • 5G connectivity could save over 250 million tonnes in CO2 emissions globally by 2030 by accelerating the transition to wind and solar energy (Source: STL Partners).
  • 5G-enabled use cases can reduce carbon emissions in the energy industry by almost 1% between 2020-2030. This is equivalent to half of all of Canada’s emissions in 2018 (Source: STL Partners).

These statistics showcase mobile connectivity’s key role in managing the future energy system efficiently and effectively. Enhanced deployment of the infrastructure that provides this connectivity is pivotal to meeting the government’s net zero targets. We have collected a range of case study examples that demonstrate the impact mobile connectivity is already having across the energy sector in our Energy and Utilities minipack and Connectivity and Climate Change report.

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