March 28, 2021

#5GCheckTheFacts gathers pace


Over the last eight weeks, Mobile UK’s latest information campaign, ‘#5GCheckTheFacts’ has been working to help inform, educate and busts the myths surrounding the next generation mobile network, 5G.

Following the publication of a full suite of materials, including information toolkits, fact sheets, infographics, mini packs and social media graphics, the campaign has also examined the many societal benefits of 5G, focussing on different industries and sectors.

To date this has included information on the opportunities for healthcare, emergency services, councils, manufacturing, creative industries, rural life and home and the workplace. More sector specific reports will be published over the coming months to add to the existing library, available here:

#5GCheckTheFacts aims to alleviate concerns, improve understanding and demystify the inaccurate, non-factual reports and conspiracy theories that state mobile phones, and particularly 5G, pose a danger to health.

The campaign has already been shared widely through networks, key organisations, local authorities and government departments across the UK, as the materials have been adopted.

Mobile UK’s website has become a portal of easy-to-understand information as fact-based messages have appeared across social media channels reaching over half a million people and increasing web traffic by 82 per cent.

The campaign will now continue momentum by reaching wider audiences and with the publication of new materials to stay up to date with the latest developments and research relating to mobile telecoms and health.

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