July 14, 2021

5G Technology And The Reinvention Of Retail

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4G already plays a major role in the retail industry; however, the next generation in wireless technology, 5G, will further advance the possibilities within the sector. In our latest mini-pack, we explore how 5G will revolutionise the retail industry and highlight four innovative case studies to illustrate this.

As part of our mini-pack information series we are showcasing 5G use-cases across several sectors to provide information and insight into how this technology can transform our lives.

Download our retail industry mini-pack here as we explore these case studies in detail and offer insight into the impact 5G will have, and is in some cases already having, on this industry.

5G-powered Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will enable shoppers to try on selected items before they buy using life-like computer generated graphics. This will enhance and simplify the customer experience as consumers will be able to ‘virtually’ view how items will look on them. This experience is made possible through magic mirrors which can simulate how we might look in clothes and cosmetics. The technology can even transport us to have a look around our holiday destination as if we were there in real life.

This innovation is already being used by florist and indoor botanical designer, SOHO FLOWER & GARDEN, offering customers the chance to view flowers in an augmented reality environment powered by 5G.

Pop up shops have become increasingly popular over the past few years and the process of setting up a temporary store equipped with 5G features is now even easier than ever before. This technology not only allows for easy payment but also enables digital displays and interactive elements which are likely to have great appeal to customers.

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