March 21, 2021

5G set to revolutionise the manufacturing industry

How 5G will advance the manufacturing industry - mini pack cover

With higher speeds, reduced latency and the ability to connect multiple devices and sensors the rollout of 5G is set to revolutionise the manufacturing industry, enabling factories to improve productivity, performances and significantly lower costs. 

The two fundamental changes where 5G will unlock potential will be the increased use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence in factory settings, and the ability for manufacturers to operate on private 5G networks thanks to network slicing. 

Factories of the future will use robotic assembly, reconfigurable assembly lines, virtual reality, and augmented reality to create a step change in how the industry operates. It will be possible to predict machinery failure and explore preventative maintenance to improve efficiency.  

Studies have already shown fault detection times could be reduced by 15 per cent, boosting productivity by 50 per cent and growing the sector by 2 to 3 per cent, providing an additional £8 billion per year in exports to boost the UK economy. Rework rates could decline from 25 to 15 percent, equalling an annual saving of 27 million for one factory alone.  

Another unique benefit of 5G will be the opportunity to slice networks, essentially providing private connectivity for business and core services. By operating on private networks, manufacturers could significantly improve the logistics ecosystem, not only helping to securely adapt factories but offering reliable connections to remotely monitor and control devices. Currently, The Port of Felixstowe is deploying 5G technology, through a private network installed by Three, to test the potential of 5G to enable remote-controlled cranes via CCTV and use sensors and AI to improve efficiency and reduce unplanned outage by predicting the maintenance cycle of some of the port’s cranes. 

As part of Mobile UK’s latest #5GCheckTheFacts campaign, the trade body provides insight into the benefits of 5G for the manufacturing industry. Appreciating that the rollout of new technology can also raise questions and concerns, the campaign also provides useful materials to help dispel the misinformation about the technology’s impact.   

To find out more about how 5G can benefit the manufacturing industry, view and download the new mini pack series, as well as information toolkits, fact sheets, and infographics related to 5G and health from   

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