June 30, 2021

5G is Transforming Sporting Experiences


The transformation 5G will bring to the sporting world cannot be understated.

A sudden lockdown and global pandemic has given sports stars and fans alike a huge insight into the vital role connectivity and 5G enabled technologies play in keeping the sporting action as live as possible for fans. As part of our mini-pack information series we are highlighting 5G use-cases across several sectors to provide information and insight into how this technology can transform our lives. In this mini-pack we are focussing on the sporting experience and highlighting the game-changing potential of 5G technology.  

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In a world first, the final of the EE Wembley Cup in 2018 was broadcast over 5G using remote production. Also in 2018 the Pyeong Yang Olympics featured 5G technologies to record and broadcast in real-time a virtual reality performance of on-site competitions, with 360° bobsleigh driver point-of-view footage bringing thrilling action to the crowds.

Vodafone and Rugby Union team Wasps have transformed the spectator experience at the Coventry-based Ricoh Stadium, offering 360° viewing and immersive content which fans are able to stream - all enabled by 5G – to enrich their viewing experience. This content includes multi-angle play, behind the scenes viewpoints and in-play statistics.

5G technology is enabling fans to get closer to the action than ever before, and the low latency (lag or buffering) and high reliability and speed is making it the perfect addition to the sporting world. Sports fans will have a richer viewing experience from home, with the ability to watch enhanced, close-up live action replays, and even interaction with players. Equally, 5G is providing added interactivity and quality to the onsite sports viewing experience. As venues and clubs alike become more inventive, this experience will become even richer.  5G is really going to place the sporting experience in a league of its own.

As part of our #5GCheckTheFacts campaign, we provide insight into the benefits of 5G to the sporting experience. Appreciating that the rollout of new technology can also raise questions and concerns, the campaign also provides useful materials to help dispel the misinformation about the technology’s impact.   

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