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17.04.17 - Industrial Strategy: Mobile connectivity must be at the heart of Government plans to modernise UK economy

The Industrial Strategy rightly focusses on digital infrastructure and connectivity and Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s identification that mobile telecoms are part of the nation’s critical economic infrastructure and puts upgrading this infrastructure at its heart.

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04.04.17 - Mobile UK response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on the Future of the Scottish Planning System

The planning regime in Scotland must act as an enabler to mobile infrastructure deployment, and be consistent with the policy established for telecommunications which aims to extend mobile coverage the country.

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21.03.17 - House of Lords Communications Committee: Growing Up with the Internet

Hamish Macleod, Director of Mobile UK, comments on the House of Lord Communications Committee's report 'Growing up with the Internet'.

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08.03.17 - Government 5G Strategy welcome but current networks must not be forgotten

The publication of the Government’s 5G Strategy is welcome. If the Government wants to build on its Digital Strategy to ensure the UK continues to be a world leader in the digital economy, it must put in place effective foundations to get there.

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01.03.17 - Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s Digital Strategy

Mobile UK welcomes the Government’s Digital Strategy acknowledging mobile infrastructure as critical to the UK’s economy, and the mobile operators’ role in underpinning a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.

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01.03.17 - Mobile UK alerts drivers to DfT’s Think! Mobiles Campaign and New Fines

MobileUK is calling on all drivers to be aware of an increase in penalties for mobile phone usage while driving. 

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10.02.17 - Mobile UK calls for mobile coverage to be hard-wired into national and local strategic planning

Mobile UK response to the National Infrastructure Commission's National Infrastructure Assessment Call for Evidence

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 26.01.17 - Mobile UK welcomes Welsh Government's drive to create a mobile action plan for Wales

Head of Policy and Communications Gareth Elliott comments on the statement made by the Welsh Minister for Skills and Science announcing her intention to publish a mobile action plan for Wales.

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28.10.16 - Mobile UK's response to the British Infrastructure Group's report on mobile coverage in the UK